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Ингибитор коррозии Реком-6017
Corrosion inhibitor Rekom-6017A of 1-6 series is intended for protection against corrosion of oil-field equipment of water-and-oil emulsion collection and transportation systems and also formation pressure maintenance systems. Rekom-6017 is effective in aggressive oil-field environments containing H2S, CO2 and also sulfur reducing bacteria. The presence of oxygen doesn’t reduce its effectiveness.

Rekom-6017A is used at the oil-fields of Republic of Kazakhstan; Rekom-6017A2 successfully passed bench testing and is recommended for pilot testing at “Tatneft” oil company; Rekom-6017A4 is used at “Tatoilgas” company.
Реком - 6012
Corrosion inhibitor Rekom-6012 is intended for protection of oil-field equipment against corrosion. It is effective in aggressive oilfield environments containing H2S, CO2 and sulphate reducing bacteria. When used in small dosage it has a bacteriostatic effect.

The chemical successfully passed laboratory testing at “Saratovneftegaz”, “SANEKO”, “ImpulseNefteservice” oil companies. The chemical is recommended for pilot testing.
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