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At present "Chemtechno" has the staff of 34 employees, 22 of which are research and engineering personnel. 
The staff of the company includes 8 PhDs and 2 post-graduate students. 
The average age of the employees is 37: 
from 20 to 30 years old - 10 people
from 30 to 40 years old - 11 people
from 40 and over - 13 people

Since 1998 research and production center «Chemtechno» has been developing and introducing into practice demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, bactericides, dissolvers of deposits of asphalts, resins and paraffins, H2S scavengers and acid compositions for treatment of bottom-hole formation zones under trademarks of "Chemtechno". Chemicals developed by our company within the framework of the innovative projects aimed at use of competitive edge of knowledge-intensive production are widely used at the facilities of oil companies of Russia and former Soviet republics. 
"Chemtechno" has a modern research laboratory to develop chemicals. We use individual approach to each of our customer at the oil-field to choose the products that are the most effective for each specific case. Our specialists go to the oil-fields with test samples, make selection on site, take part in pilot testing and render after-sales technical support of the chemicals.

Our major customers::

OAO «Tatneft»
OAO «Rosneft»
OAO «Lukoil»
OAO «Russneft»
OAO «NK Alliance»
OAO «Gazprom Neft»
OAO «Bashneft» and many others

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